Blu-Garden Roofs

Key Advantages

Blu-Garden is a performance vegetated roofing system intended for stormwater retention. This system is not new though. For over fifty (50) years, Sustainablu’s Partner Optigruen International, has led the World in vegetated roof innovation. Sustainablu is proud that the foundation of each Blu-Garden system begins with Optigruen’s superior technology.

From thin, drought tolerant systems through deep plaza decks, Sustainablu’s award winning growing media formulas provides a sustainable foundation for all plant types. Blu-Garden’s process helps to maximize owner ROI through systems to meet all vegetative roofing needs, while minimizing project failure and significantly reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Stormwater management with vegetated roofs is a complex equation. All the components add up to sum of stormwater retention capacity. Detention is variable due to atmospheric conditions. Evapotranspiration via plant selection is a key component of stormwater management. Blu-Garden offers a wide range of plant materials, from drought tolerant sedum through seeded systems allowing for wet conditions.

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