Blu-Vault Roofs

Key Advantages

Urban and dense development areas have finite space for stormwater management. Developmental space restrictions require innovative solutions. Blu-Vault is an amplified Blu-Garden system that provides additional stormwater management capacity. Blu-Vault provides void space under the vegetated roof providing additional volume for stormwater. This is a courtyard space over a parking garage’s dream.

Blu-Vault, by design, generally has stormwater capacity beyond its footprint. Design surfaces with higher elevations (roofs above the courtyard) to drain and spill out into the Blu-Vault system. This process may reduce plumbing costs and in the case of brownfield redevelopments, can be the key to meet restrictive stormwater regulations through this additional stormwater capacity.

This is the all and one vegetated system that maximizes on-structure stormwater management on tight development sites with little or no greenspace.

Blu-Vault is designed to integrate with all other Sustainablu’s system offerings.

Combine with Blu-Smart to enhance stormwater management capability, Blu-Terrace for elevated amenity decks and Blu-Solar for solar-vegetated roofs.

Blu-Vault Roof Products

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