Blu-Paver Roofs

A roof system designed to provide temporary or permanent water storage underneath paved areas. This allows for the gradual release of stored water over time.

Key Advantages of Blu-Paver Roofs


Manage stormwater runoff invisable under plazas or occupied rooftops


Reduce the imperviousness of the site by reducing ground-level stormwater management


Save initial and operational costs compared to other stormwater management practices (SMPs)


Easy to install or integrate if structural and waterproofing requirements are met


Seamless combination with Green Roofs, Photovolatic, or Bio Solar Roofs possible


Ideal for rennovation projects where structrual capacity is limited


Endless design, material, and color options


Can provide educational benefits, especially when used at public and/or highly
visible sites such as schools, recreation centers, libraries, etc  

23% Project Cost Reduction

In 2010, New York City estimated that updating the city's stormwater system to control combined sewer overflows using Grey Infrustructure would cost approximately $6.8 billion over 20 years. By blending Grey and Blu-Paver systems, the city reduced its estimated cost by $1.5 billion.


$1.5 Billion Saved

Blu Roofs VS Smart Blu Roofs


Blu Roofs

Blu roofs or controlled-flow roof drain systems, are detention stormwater management practices (SMPs) that provide temporary storage and slow release of rainwater on a rooftop. Blu roof systems are an effective practice for controlling runoff from buildings with flat or mildly sloped roof surfaces.


Smart Blu Roofs

On Smart Blu Roofs, water is detained on the roof surface more effectively. The release of detained stormwater is precisely managed by a Smart Flow Control (SFC) and a Weather App. Smart roof drain valves (Smart Flow Control or SFC) operate entirely autonom, powered by solar/battery, and with emergency release. SFC is in applications around the world and have proven high reliability, fast payback, and low maintenance.

Similar Systems Provided:


Why Specify a Blu-Paver Roof

Development and expansion of towns and cities have seen exponential growth in the use of impervious surfaces. This is causing exceedingly high rates of rainwater runoff.

In response, city planners and developers are using Sustainablu systems to regulate and restrict the amount of rainwater leaving a site. This has limited or eliminated combined sewer overflow.


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